Women Triathlon Training Clinic

The following information is from 2012.  Please watch for upcoming camp information!

Are you interested in participating in a sprint or olympic distance triathlon? Join Team Tri4life in a 6 week clinic!

This clinic will completely prepare you for Riding Mountain Triathlon ( held in scenic Clear Lake, Manitoba. No prior triathlon experience necessary, but you should be able to complete 100 meters of a pool.

With your paid registration you will receive:

  • Bi-weekly workouts led by a certified, experienced coach in a relaxed atmosphere. Group workouts include 1 swim and 1 run or bike session per week. Take your triathlon skills to the next level in a fun and safe environment, while increasing your endurance and overall fitness.
  • Day by day comprehensive 6 week training plan.
  • Informational seminars on everything from triathlon rules, transition tips, core strengthening, stretching, running mechanics, bike maintenance and more.
  • Open water swim practices.
  • Fully supported group highway rides.
  • Tire changing instruction and practice.
  • See Jane Sprint apparel and tri goodies!
  • PLUS! All registrants are entered to win a Blue Seventy Wetsuit courtesy of Western Cycle (valued at $500!)

The clinic will conclude with the Ultimate Pre Race Training Camp!

As a team we will travel to Riding Mountain prior to race day to prepare physically and mentally for the race.  What can  you expect at the camp?

  • A complete course preview, including open water swimming on the course, biking and running on the course, and a transition   tour. We will provide you with all the confidence you require for a successful race day!
  • 3 team meals, including a pre race carbo loading dinner.
  • Yoga session, to keep you calm and limber prior to race day!
  • Specific race course tips/ race strategies/ mental preparation.
  • Assistance with transition set up.
  • An amazing opportunity to train and race in a team environment, completely supportive and encouraging!

Race registration, accomodations and travel arrangements will be the individuals'  financial responsibility.  Special group rates of $205(single or double) have been negotiated at Elkhorn Resort and Spa

Necessary equipment:
Bathing suit, goggles, any kind of mountain or road bike, helmet, runners.

See Jane Sprint Clinic FAQ’s

Is the race fee included in the See Jane Sprint clinic fee?
No. The race is a separate entity and you must register for the race separately.  More information about the race can be found at  The clinic includes 6 weeks of daily workouts, several informational seminars, 2 group workouts per week, admission into any facilities required for group training, triathlon goodies, and a fully accredited triathlon coach!

Does entry into the clinic guarantee me a spot in the race?
No, best to register as soon as you can!

Is the clinic designed for beginners? Are there any prerequisites?
Yes!  The clinic is structured to introduce the participants to the sport of triathlon.  If you have any swim, bike, or run experience that is an asset, but not a necessity.  There are no prerequisites.  Send in your payment and registration and you are in!

Where do we swim, bike, and run?
We will be swimming at the University of Regina Aquatic Center (admission is included in your fee, as well as in the open water! For the bike group rides we will be doing some in city riding and will make our way to highway riding. Once we are comfortable we will be hitting the open road!  Again, these are done in a very safe environment, and all levels of riders will be accommodated. Our runs will take place in and around Wascana Park.

When are the group workouts?
Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings.

What if I am unable to make it to a group workout?
No problem!  We all have busy lives that sometimes get in the way!  You will be emailed the workout to do on your own when it fits your schedule.

What is the distance of the race?
The sprint race is a 750m lake swim, 20km bike, and 5km run. The olympic distance is 1500m swim, 40k bike, 10k run.

What type of bike should I buy for the clinic/race?
Buying a new bike is highly not recommended for the clinic or the race unless you are familiar with road and tri bikes. Many participants will do the clinic and race on a mountain bike or a borrowed bike.  We suggest that you try the sport, determine how much you love it, and then proceed with the investment of a bike.  During the clinic we will have an informational seminar  where you will learn everything you need to know about purchasing a bike including options for road or tri, proper fit, price ranges, types of shoes, pedals, handlebars, computers, and all other accessories.

How do I register?
Registration will be available online at in March 2014, with secure PayPal payment. In addition you must print and fill out the attached registration form. It may be returned via email (scanned) or via fax (586-0351). Your registration will not be processed until both payment and the registration form are received.

How will I know if my registration has been accepted?
Once your payment is processed by PayPal, you will receive an email (usually within 24-48 hours), from Tri4life confirming your registration. Further details in regards to the clinic will be emailed to you no later than April 30th, once all registrations have been processed.

Am I automatically entered for the race if I take the clinic?
The clinic and race are separate entities; therefore you will have to register for each separately.  Entry for the race can be done through

How much time commitment is required for the clinic?
The group workouts will require approximately 2-2.5 hours per week.  You will need to invest another 6-8 hours approximately on your own.  If you planned on 10-15 hours per week that would be plenty.

Can I take the clinic if I am not registering for the race? 
Yes you may still take the clinic, although it is entirely focused on preparation for the race.  Being that we have limited space in the clinic, we prefer to give first priority to those planning on racing.

I would like to train for and race in the Olympic distance as opposed to the sprint distance.  Can the clinic accommodate me?
Absolutely!  The clinic is designed specifically for the sprint distance completion, but adjustments can easily be made for anyone wanting to train for the Olympic distance instead.

If I am not able to participate in the clinic are there any other options for preparation?  Where else can I find help to insure that I am ready on race day?
For those of you that did not get into the clinic, or are unable to participate due to time constraints or location, you may purchase the 6 week training program from Tri4life.  Please email Laura at if you are interested.